A weekend in Berlin What to see and do?

The German capital is not a place where only two days are enough to know it completely ... but if you only have one weekend ... you can squeeze it to the fullest! We propose a tour of Berlin that includes monuments, museums and even nightlife ... Day 1 in Berlin Assuming you have arrived in the city at the end of Friday or early on Saturday, you just have to do chek-in at the hotel and start tour the city ... The first destination is the famous Alexander Platz.

Magdeburg, the German green city

Magdeburg, known as the Green Citadel, is one of the prettiest German cities with the most history to tell. The green of its nature intermingles perfectly with its ancient monuments, as well as with its most modern buildings. Magdeburg is a city of contrasts, a city that you will undoubtedly love from the first moment.

Take a trip with children, 7 tips to keep in mind

Taking a trip with children can sometimes be overwhelming, especially in preparations. It is essential to avoid unforeseen events and have everything well organized. And it is not impossible. If you are planning a trip with the little ones in the house, read on. We want to give you some tips to make your adventure incredible!

Urueña, a beautiful fortified municipality of Valladolid

Urueña is one of those towns that have preserved a medieval aftertaste. Its beautiful walled enclosure and the layout of its streets will take you to other times. Enter this charming town of Valladolid and discover corners that you will hardly forget. Are you with us on this new adventure? Ureña, an unforgettable town Declared a Historic-Artistic Site, Urueña is also one of the members of the association The most beautiful villages in Spain.

A walk through the Madrid of the Austrias

The Madrid de los Austrias comprises the oldest area of ​​the Spanish capital. A neighborhood where you can still perceive the primitive medieval layout of the city. Beautiful monuments, regal gardens and ancient streets is what you can see in it. Join us on this tour and discover with us those essential places that you should know about Madrid.

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Ani in Turkey, a fascinating ghost town

In the northwestern part of Turkey is one of the most beautiful and unknown towns in the country: the city of Ani. Located in the province of Kars, and nestled on the banks of the Akhourian River, the city borders Armenia. Therefore, this metropolis is bathed in Turkish heritage and Armenian history, although when the tourist arrives here he finds a spooky landscape.

Travel to Kenya: enjoy these essential plans

What makes Kenya a different destiny from others? Very easy: its natural wealth, its landscapes, its purity and its beauty embodied in every corner. If you are a nature lover and you like to live adventures, you will love traveling to Kenya. Why? For everything you can do alone here! Find out!

An unforgettable walk through the Vatican City

The Vatican City is only half km² in length, but it is enough to accommodate millions of pilgrims who visit it every year. It is the heart of Catholicism, the Holy See, and as such it has monuments of great interest and magnificent works. We will discover the most important jewels of the Vatican City.

Iglesia de la Compañía, a baroque jewel in Quito

We make a big trip through the history and spirit of the Baroque, an artistic style that was born in Europe in the seventeenth century, but that came to lands as far away as Ecuador. Specifically, we will know the Church of the Company, one of the most famous buildings in Quito, the capital of the country.

The most spectacular Roman amphitheaters

You are interested in the history? Are you passionate about everything that has to do with the Roman Empire? Then you will love this trip for sure! We are going to show you the 10 most spectacular and beautiful Roman amphitheaters that can still be admired. A true time travel. 1. The Roman Colosseum, the king of Roman amphitheaters Rome Colosseum - By Brian The capital of the Empire, how could it be otherwise, had to have the most impressive of the amphitheatres, 189 meters long and 156 meters wide and 57 meters high.

Eze, the most beautiful medieval town on the Côte d'Azur

In the so-called French French Riviera there are many villages that deserve thousands of photographs and Eze is one of the most. Of medieval origin, as soon as you get to this place you will fall in love with him. Do you want to tour it with us? Then read on! Eze, between Monaco and Nice Perhaps because it is between two major destinations such as Monaco and Nice, it has gone unnoticed by many tourists arriving on the Côte d'Azur, attracted by beaches, parties and landscapes.

We tell you 7 curiosities of the Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum is one of the most important monuments in the world: in addition to being a World Heritage Site, it is one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Thousands of tourists move each year to the Italian capital to see first hand the grandeur of this amphitheater, which dates back to the 1st century AD.

Wrocław, a lovely city that will surprise you

The charming Wrocław, also called Wroclaw, is a communications, industry, science and art center in Poland. But that's not all, this medieval city has a rich history and hospitable people that will make you feel that you are at home. This gem to discover is unique and radiant, with its canals, bridges, colorful buildings and statues of gnomes.

Prepare your visit to the Golden Temple of India

In the city of Amristar, on the border with Pakistan, is the Golden Temple of India. He may be called Harmandir Sahib in this country, but in other places he is also known as the Golden Temple of Amritsar. Do you want to know more about him before visiting him? Join us!

Medinaceli in Soria, a walk through history

Located almost in the heart of Spain, in the community of Castilla y León, is Medinaceli, a place with a lot of charm and everything you need for a quiet holiday full of history. Do not forget to go through this town of Soria and enjoy the Roman and medieval vestiges that are preserved in it!

Freiburg in Switzerland, the city of bridges

Freiburg is one of the most attractive cities in Switzerland and also more surprising, since you can discover an area as modern and contemporary as the most, while at a short distance there is a network of medieval streets, full of fountains, monuments and the bridges that save the waters of the river Saane or Sarine.

4 unforgettable Mediterranean cruises

The countries that are bathed by the Mediterranean Sea hide multiple charms. One way to discover them is to embark on a cruise. The itineraries are endless, but we have chosen the best Mediterranean cruises so you don't lose any detail. Which one do you prefer? 1. Croatia, one of the best cruises in the Mediterranean Croatia is a destination that usually goes unnoticed, but whose beauty is undeniable.